Modular container homes’ advantage: the simple structure with a flexible layout which can meet various activities and space requirements. PTH built a house using a standard-sized 20-foot container, which is just the right size.

The metal container home uses a PTH standard size: 6058 * 2438 * 2591mm. There is a side toilet equipped inside the house. In order to save space and expand the utilization area, the door of the side toilet is a folding door. The white bathroom is simple but stylish, which looks very delicate. Long windows and ventilators in the toilets keep the room ventilated.

The internal space of the 20-foot metal container home is as follows. You can place necessary living furniture such as windows and desks according to your preferences. When decorating, you can hang some decorations on the wall to make the simple space more cozy.

It can be arranged as an open kitchen on the side. The multifunctional storage cabinets make the most usage of the space. Opening the cabinets, tableware and staff can be neatly placed in the locker. A large-capacity refrigerator is also installed on the side.

In addition, the 20-foot container house can also be converted into an office, a recreation house, a barber room, a laundry room, and so on.

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